Starting 2019 with a Bang!

January 1st, 2019

Thankfully the storms are starting to line up, and it looks to be a much better start to the season over last year. Of course, if you are one of the die-hards you have been riding every weekend since Thanksgiving. Most of the clubs are getting ready to put the snow to good use by getting out and playing in it. Right now, we have five clubs in good standing and a few more starting to form up.  If you’re in the Logan area, consider joining the Top of Utah Snowmobile Association, you can find them on Facebook or contact Kennon Jeppson at 435-764-3007. In the Ogden area contact the Golden Spike Snowmobile Association and Jeff Eddings at 801-510-7791. Davis County Snowmobile Club with Ej Harris at 801-388-8500. In the Salt Lake area, the Salt Lake Valley Snowmobile Club with Bob Stockwell 801-839-9647. If you’re in the Coalville area join up with the Chalk Creek Riders and Doug Wilde at 801-540-1784. Jesse McGuire out in Vernal is trying to re-establish the Dinaland Snowmobile Club and he could use a hand if you ride out that way. We need a club in Heber, Provo, Duck Creek, Mt Pleasant, but any place or group of friends will make a great club.

Why am I focusing on clubs? By getting organized and “putting your name on the list”, it helps to have a unified voice when myself or someone else goes and meets with lawmakers, legislatures, Forest Service staff and others who are involved in land use and management. There is usually a small fee of $30-50 involved to allow the club to function and provide a few benefits to its members. $10 per membership goes to the state association. Our state association (Utah Snowmobile Association, USA) is a non-profit, all volunteer board made up of the club presidents and other club members which helps to keep a unified voice for Utah. USA is currently a member of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA), the International Snowmobile Council (ISC), the United Snowmobile Alliance (USA) and Tread Lightly. We also are in support of the Utah Avalanche Center and other organizations that promote safety and motorized access to public lands.

Here are some quick facts about our state:

  • 22,000 sleds were registered in 2018.
  • USA has 5 Clubs with 600 members.
  • There are 17 Primary areas with 74 plowed parking trailheads and over 1,200 miles of groomed trails to access our backcountry.
  • Utah has an active youth training program.
  • Utah has the best avalanche forecast center in the U.S..
  • Snowmobiling programs are self-supported through gas tax, registration fees, and other user fees.

As you can see, we have it pretty good, but we need more members to help to make this program even better.

Cal Taylor


Utah Snowmobile Association