Egan Basin Warming Hut

December 3rd, 2019

by Kennon Jeppson (President Top of Utah Snowmobile Club)

Egan Basin Warming Hut

Earlier this season, Egan Basin warming hut was going to be closed for the winter, due to vandalism and people not cleaning up after themselves. (Clean up your beer cans!) The actions of a few almost ruined a good thing for everyone. Thanks to Kory argyle that went to bat for everybody, this has been changed. Kory is the outgoing president of the Franklin County Highmarkers out of Preston Idaho.

We have worked out a deal with the US Forest Service to keep Egan Basin open for the next season! This is contingent on a few things:

  1. We pick up after ourselves and others who litter.
  2. We keep an eye out for vandalism and report it to the Forest Service.
  3. We as joint clubs help to repair, paint, and re-floor any wear and tear caused by snowmobilers.
  4. We as clubs will be responsible to chop firewood for the hut. Wood will be provided, but an ax will not be left at the site due to vandalism caused by the ax last year. So we need to get a schedule to make sure this is done.
  5. Remember this building is a rental unit and is provided as a courtesy, none of your registration or taxes go to the maintenance of this or any other provided properties. This is a privilege, not a right. This can and will be taken away!!

Please remember to play nice with the Forest Service they really are a great group of guys who enjoy snowmobiling as much as we do! Help us keep this site open!!

Any questions that need answering please contact Kenon Jepson, and I can be the point of contact in this matter.

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