Chalk Creek Club

January 17th, 2020

By Cody Sargent, Chalk Creek President


After a few years of hiatus, we started back into the scene last year, and now this year, we are finally back in full force. Our membership numbers are growing to some of the highest they have ever been. We have a diverse group with members ages 10 to 60+, and we are finally getting some members from outside of the Coalville area.
We have new members on our leadership team. Diane was elected to be our treasurer/secretary, and Jed & Kendra were elected to be our activities/ride coordinators. All three of them have already proven to be worth their weight in gold.

We want to thank the whole USA board for their support and Chris and the DNR for their help. The DNR has provided us a groomer to use again this year. A huge thank you goes out to Ben for the countless hours that he spends running the groomer.

We want to remind everybody who rides the Chalk Creek Trail that it will only remain open through the continued support of our club, USA, and DNR. So please join the club and support the USA. Also, remember to stay on the county right of way from the trailhead until you reach the forest boundary. The club is working very hard to maintain a good relationship with adjacent landowners.


  • We are excited about the rally in the valley ride. We hope that as many of our members will go as can to support the USA.
  • Club social ride to Whitney is scheduled for 01/18.
    • We are planning the following events:
    • One of our famous wiener wagon rides for February,
    • Lunch ride to Bear River with an overnight option for February or March,
    • Avalanche motorized basics in March, and
    • Weekend trip to strawberry for the end of the season. We hope to work it out with Strawberry Bay that we can go as soon as they shut down for the season again and will have the place to ourselves again.
Chalk Creek Club Ride