Golden Spike Club Ride to Bear Lake 1/18/20

February 29th, 2020

11 riders braved the very cold Blue Bird day with deep fresh snow for the Monte to Bear Lake pizza run on January 18th. Many of us got stuck along the way in the silky smooth bottomless powder. Seldom seen Stacey won the contest for “who got stuck the most”, 6 times. Her sled was not running well, maybe that had something to do with it? I believe my brother Keith came in second place. It took us five hours to go the 60 miles to get to Garden City only to find out that our favorite pizza restaurant was closed. Luckily the restaurant next door was open. GSSA El Presidente graciously picked up the tab, so we were all happy riders. We pulled out of Bear Lake at 3:30. Our President was able to shave two hours off of our return time by taking some short cuts. Yes, this ended up being a freaking cold night ride for the last hour. We pulled into Monte at 6:30, cold, tired and very happy that this ride was over without too many mishaps. Thank you, Jeff and Stacey, for once again leading us on a great ride………just another slightly embellished ride report from your ambassador.